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  • Beth & Jeff's Anniversary

    30 years!!! Couple celebrated in Mexico. I like to capture special memories and write them on stone. Congrats Beth and Jeff!!  

Birth Announcement

  • Amanda's Birth Rock

    First Birth Rock for the First Baby born to Amanda.  If Amanda had twins, she would of received two birth rocks! ha ha  

  • Birth Anouncement

    Congratulations Cordy and Warren, two more happy parents receiving their birth rock from Talking Rocks.

  • We Have A Girl!

    BIRTH ROCK – Remember when parents used to bronze their first set of baby shoes? This is an example of remembering your child’s birth written on stone.  On the back ...


  • Birthday

    Aunt Stella celebrated her birthday with her children and extended family.  In the year2017, she received a talking rock to tell her story.

  • Gisella's Birthday Rock

    Gisella’s Birthday rock is an image of her tattoo, with a personal saying from her father.  This rock involved using ‘image transfer techniques’ along with hand painted design.  

  • Hot Air!

    Here’s a Birthday Rock — full of Hot Air, Ha, Ha. A Balloon Ride is an experience no one should forget and to have it painted on a rock guarantees ...

  • Wit & Wisdom Birthday Rock

    Exercise Class instructor Paula, received a Talking Rock for her Birthday.  Everyone from the class participated in the making of this rock, no stick figures were injured.  Paula teaches at ...

  • The Big Six O

    60th Birthday celebration rocks given to guests as a thank you gift!!!

  • Jerry's Birthday

    A birthday rock… Jerry came to visit and I said… I love that shirt, I’m going to paint you a rock. To commemorate 55 years, Jerry still has his tethered ...

Business Promotion

  • Albatross Bar & Grill

    Albatross scores a hole in one as a bar and grill located inside the Mahoning Country Club, congratulations Greg.

  • CPA Rock

    Our tax guy Mike, was given a Talking Rock, with my refund message.  

  • Fitness

    This rock not only speaks fitness, but MOTIVATION.  That’s what JOE MOSS II at  teaches his clients.  And now his TALKING ROCK speaks the same.

  • Iron Soup Business Rock

    Tim now has a talking rock showing his preservation company.

  • Jon Arnold- Broker/Dealer

    This is a rock solid opportunity to give our financial advisor a talking rock….Thanks Jon  

  • Karlock - Podiatrist

    This rock was a “shoe-in” for my friend the Podiatrist, Ha, Ha. The analogy being… Talking Rocks can design the rock to fit the individual… it’s “purr-fect’.  And now you ...


    Not your fathers landscaping.  THREE FLAGS LANDSCAPING and ACCESSORIES is eclectic and unique as its logo. Making them the perfect candidate for a TALKING ROCK.  

  • Liberty Branch Library

    Our public library received a talking rock with the Trumbull County Library logo on front and some words of wisdom on back. Thanks to our public library system!

  • OM Yoga Studio

    Here’s the DOWN on the DOWNWARD DOG, SAVASANA, NAMASTE and all the other great yoga moves OM Yoga studio can teach you http://www,        

  • Something to chew on...

    Here’s another rock, where the shape of it found its new owner.  We saw a molar in the RAW, so it became our friend Dr. Heyman the dentist’s TALKING ROCK. ...

  • Business Rocks

    Business rock – This is a creative way to either acknowledge your business or give your customers a way to remember you A business card that won’t get thrown away. ...


  • Taylor's Graduation

    High school graduation gift/ memory/ story from mom to her daughter… also shared her words of wisdom that she wanted her daughter to remember. I also painted important high school ...

  • Hayden's Graduation

    What another great way to commemorate a graduation. Hayden will always remember this event. Good job Monica and Rich. (Monica is our hair stylist….do you get the rhyme)?


  • 4th of July

    Patriot Rock – Happy 4th of July, proud to be an American!!!! This is a small rock (less than a pound)… with one illustration.

  • Mother's Day

    The process of creating a TALKING ROCK. Shirley is a special friend who enjoys the arts and music (among other things). Her favorite being: The Dying Swan Ballet with Maya ...


  • Abbas Memorial Rock

  • Andrew Memorial Rock

    Andrew’s parents are recognizing their son with a memorial talking rock.

  • Bruce Memorial Rock

    Our friend Mike now has his lab named Bruce, memorialized on a talking rock.

  • Chico Memorial Rock

    Fathers Day gift given early by Deb, Chico’s mom. From Deb:  “He loved it!!!  I couldn’t wait until Father’s Day!!!  Ed was so surprised!  It’s lovely – thank you so ...

  • Dakota Pet Memorial

    Dakota loved the beach and is remembered by Jon and his family with a memorial talking rock.

  • Joanne Peet Memorial Rock

    Joanne’s daughter, Kathy, reached out to me to create a memorial rock in honor of her mother.  It’s never too late to pay tribute to a loved one.

  • Pet Memorial

    What a way to honor your pet!!!  This is the “cat’s meow”, when it comes to remembering your beloved pet.

  • Tater Pet Memorial

    Our beloved Mastif, aka “Slobber Dog”, now has her own talking rock.  We miss you Tater:(((((

  • Teddy Pet Memorial Rock

    My sister’s cat lives on with this talking rock.  

  • This is TATUM, Tim's beloved golden retriever

    Although Tatum died almost a decade ago, a pet memorial rock can make you feel like they are still next to you.

  • Watson Memorial Rock

    Frank and Norma Watson are great friends.  Norma was given this rock to remember Frank and some of the accomplishments they have done for our community and university.    

  • Say It Now

    Well, let’s just say it’s a Pre-Planning message. What to tell your spouse when your gone that they ignored you when you were alive. My husbands message to me and ...

  • In Honor of a Wonderful Father

    Here’s an example of a memorial rock that was given to her friend in honor of the recent death of her friend’s father. What a great way to create everlasting ...

  • Aiden

    The stone speaks for itself.


  • Angel Thank You Rock

    This rock is given as a thank you rock to Pastor Linda, who filled in at the Lutheran Church during the sabbatical of Pastor Ann Marie.  

  • Family Reunion Rocks

    This rock captured our polish family heritage and a familiar quote my Aunt would tell us “Kocham Cie”, which means I love you.  This rock is roughly the size of ...

  • Get Well Morgan Talking Rock

    Bad things happen to good people, I reached out to my friend Morgan’s grandmother, and created a Get Well/Inspirational talking rock.  You can learn more about Morgan’s Pro Flat Track ...

  • Lake Erie

    Here’s a story of 4 friends coming together to celebrate their friendship.  And to commemorate the time..they all have a TALKING ROCK!!! Save

  • St. Lucy inspirational rock

    This rock was given to Antonia by her grandmother, Pamela Clapper.  Antonia is diagnosed with retinoblastoma, cancer of the eyes.  She has completed 3 months of chemotherapy at Will’s Eye ...

  • St. Lucy Inspirational Rock Update

    Antonia’s grandmother, Pamela, asked for a second St. Lucy rock for her and her husband, and shares this photo of Antonia doing well after completing 3 rounds of chemotherapy.  

  • St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church Rock

    St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church celebrated it’s 150th year anniversary in Warren Ohio.  This is a gift to the pastor, Rev. Ann Marie Perkins.

  • Tattoo rocks

    My friend Gisella received a talking rock for her birthday with her tattoo of Italy.  She now requested one for her son Joey, who shares the same tattoo. The first ...

  • TimeBank Mahoning Watershed Board Members Rocks

    Thankyou for being a board member of our Timebanks

  • What the DUCK rock

    This rock is a “get to know your neighbor” gift.  Thank you Dave.

  • Appreciation Rock

    I love my public radio… Barbara and Gary, you’re GREAT. Thank you::))))))))


Wedding Gift

  • Budak-Swegal Wedding

    Here’s the story of a start to the wonderful marriage of two dear people. Written in the stars and solid as a ROCK!!  

  • Grandma's Wisdom

    My friend Shirley is celebrating her grandson’s wedding… and I asked her what words of wisdom do you want the couple to remember. I also painted the name of restaurant/bar ...

Whimsical Rocks

Wit & Wisdom Birthday Rock

What the DUCK rock

We Have A Girl!

Watson Memorial Rock

TimeBank Mahoning Watershed Board Members Rocks

This is TATUM, Tim’s beloved golden retriever

The Big Six O

Teddy Pet Memorial Rock

Taylor’s Graduation

Tattoo rocks

Tater Pet Memorial

St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church Rock

St. Lucy Inspirational Rock Update

St. Lucy inspirational rock

Something to chew on…

What the DUCK rock

Angel Thank You Rock

St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church Rock

Bruce Memorial Rock

CPA Rock

Wit & Wisdom Birthday Rock

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